Dr. Brady Brockway

Doctoral Dissertation Advisor

Computer Science Professor

Computer Specialist/ Computer Programmer/Webmaster

Ultramarathon/Marathon Coach/Trainer

(305) 209-6633



FCAT, SAT, and ACT preparation. Elementary, secondary, and higher education. Algebra, geometry, algebraic geometry, probability theory, and expository writing. All fields related to computer science and information technology. Learn to write résumés and cover letters. Learn skills that are essential for business and academic success. Gain an array of computer skills as well as troubleshooting know-how and expertise. Dr. Brockway has a bachelor’s degree "With Distinction" in Elementary Education (GPA: 3.95) and a master’s degree in Computer Science (GPA: 3.83). In addition, Dr. Brockway has a doctor of education degree in Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Instructional Technology (GPA: 3.74). Dissertation: Perceptions of Teachers Towards Technology and Current Staff Development Programs and an Evaluation of the Professional Development Programs Designed to Integrate Technology Into Instruction. Moreover, Dr. Brockway also has four professional certifications from the Florida Department of Education: Computer Science, Business Education, Elementary Education, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Inducted to Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship Society and Phi Gamma Sigma International Professional Doctoral Society. Dr. Brockway is a Computer Science adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University. Fluent in Spanish (written/oral).

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